You're not here to get in line, look pretty, and smile quietly.

Instead, you were born to explore the wild places, define what beauty is, and enter into a sacred silence to find your voice.

You’re here to be honest and authentic.
You're here to translate the messages from your true self, from your higher self, from your divine self.
You're here to craft the stories that only you have lived, the visions only you have had.

And now, you’re invited to do something remarkable with your one precious life...

Make the world more beautiful, bearable, and bold
with your thoughts, your actions, and your words. 

I'm Marisa Goudy. These days, I know myself to be a Story Healer, a Word Witch, a Writing Coach, and a Priestess of Sovereignty.

Once upon a time, I burned a whole lot of energy trying to fit in, be practical, and play nice. I put my creativity, my dreams and my stories last so I could get along and get ahead.

And then I decided to use my passion for words and healing in service of my vision. It all started with letting my own writing practice become real. 

There are countless paths to awakening. Writing in particular has opened up my mind and heart.

Writing has taught me to stand sovereign in my own life and story so I can help you stand fully in yours. 


When you write...

  • You get a chance to slow down and reflect

  • You discover what you really think and feel

  • You surprise yourself again and again

  • You begin to access your Sovereign Story: the story that only you can tell, the story our world needs