Write with us...

Writing practice? Is that something you really need to make room for right now?

In a word, yes.

Writing heals. Writing transforms.

Even if you don't call yourself a writer.
ESPECIALLY if you don't call yourself a writer. (Yet.)

If you're a healer, a therapist, a transformation professional, you hold and tend others' stories for a living. And that means it's even more important for you to create a space to explore your stories. Start with writing them down... 

Start with a nurturing community of like-souled beings who are using their pens to lead them on a journey of self-discovery. 

You'll deepen your connection to your own source of life and creativity and there's a very good chance you'll uncover a story that needs to be told in our achingly beautiful world.


Meet your writing coach & story healer

Hi, I'm Marisa Goudy, the creator of the #7MagicWords Challenge and the Sovereign Writers Circle.

As the poet Seamus Heaney once said, "If you have the words, there's always a chance you'll find the way." It's a deep honor to hold space for you and invite you to find your way to your own stories. 

The world needs you, dear storyteller, to help make it a bit more beautiful, bearable, and bold. Let's start writing together now...