Write with us...

Writing practice? Is that something you really need to make room for right now?

In a word, yes.

Writing heals. Writing transforms.

Even if you don't call yourself a writer.
ESPECIALLY if you don't call yourself a writer. (Yet.)

If you're a healer, a therapist, a transformation professional, you hold and tend others' stories for a living. And that means it's even more important for you to create a space to explore your stories. Start with writing them down... 

Start with a nurturing community of like-souled beings who are using their pens to lead them on a journey of self-discovery. 

You'll deepen your connection to your own source of life and creativity and there's a very good chance you'll uncover a story that needs to be told in our achingly beautiful world.

Please join us for this month's free community writing practice session

Noon ET on
Wednesday, May 23

Just bring your journal and your favorite pen and be ready to write into two mind and heart opening prompts. We'll also talk about how to create and sustain your own writing practice when you're on your own.


Meet your writing coach & story healer

Hi, I'm Marisa Goudy, the creator of the #7MagicWords Challenge and the Sovereign Writers Circle.

As the poet Seamus Heaney once said, "If you have the words, there's always a chance you'll find the way." It's a deep honor to hold space for you and invite you to find your way to your own stories. 

The world needs you, dear storyteller, to help make it a bit more beautiful, bearable, and bold. Let's start writing together now...