What would happen if you spent a week
exploring your own creativity & savoring your own magic? 

What if it all began with choosing just one word each day?

A daily creativity practice.

Regular waves of everyday magic.

Discovering, owning, and sharing your truth.

Are those "nice to haves?" Are they on the "someday" list?

Do writing and other forms of creative expression and truth telling belong to the lucky ones, but not to you?

Everyone and everything you care about depends on you being
in touch with your creative practice,
grounded in your own truth,
& flowing with your own magic.

There is a wild creative force within you.

When you acknowledge it and work with that kind of internal power...

  • You become more present with those you love and serve
  • You write stronger stories and make more beautiful art
  • You heal old wounds and see your future with greater clarity
  • You attract the right clients and you invite the universe to work on your behalf

#7MagicWords gives you a chance to illuminate your life and work with the creative magic that burns within you all the time. 

This is your invitation to transform your intentions and your language. This is your chance to cast the spells that just might the world.

Put simply, this beautiful, burning world needs your magic.png

You're invited to join the #7MagicWords Project

It's the week-long challenge that invites you to
uncover the magic & potential that lingers in your everyday language.

Everything begins on June 12 - just in time to set the intention for
a summer full of magic, creativity, and adventure.

This time, our theme is wildness…

The wildness of nature, of the body, of the creative impulse, of stories and feelings we may find hard to hold.


What can you expect from the #7MagicWords Challenge?

  • A group "initiation" session at noon ET June 12: this helps you set your intentions for your week of magic. (Yes, they will be recorded if you can't make it.)

  • Beginning on June 13 you will receive a week writing of prompts, quotes, and creative instigations by email (actually, 8 days worth!).  Each one invites you to write and question your way to a word that helps you understand something about yourself, your work, and your story. 

  • A group "integration" call at noon ET June 20. (Yes, they will be recorded if you can't make it.)

  • You can make deep, transformational magic by simply playing with the prompts in your journal, but you are also welcome to join our private forum where everyone shares their words and we help one another see the multiple layers of meaning in our choices.

  • This project is what you make of it... I'm not telling you how to make your own fairy dust, but you can expect me to hold a wild, creative, magical space for you and share my own experiences as a magic maker, story healer, and writing coach.
  • Marisa Goudy

    “This challenge is a way to recommit myself to continue using words that empower, using words to strengthen, and making peace with how much words can change lives.”

    Author & Parent Coach, Shame Proof Parenting

  • Marisa Goudy

    “This challenge rocked my world!

    Using Marisa’s magical prompts, I was able to reconnect with an authentic embodied vocabulary... I now get excited looking for the magic in my daily life and really savoring these spotlight moments.”

    Licensed Therapist, Spiritual Empowerment Coach, host of the Sacred Psychology podcast

  • Marisa Goudy

    “Marisa's Magic Word Challenge allows me to slow down and ponder, to tap into my creative soul, and to connect with a diverse group of magic makers. I simply can't wait for the next round!”

    Licensed Professional Counselor, Pathfinders Counseling

  • Marisa Goudy

    “Every season, we begin with Marisa's #7DayMagicWords. I look forward to her bringing up magic that's hidden just below the surface.

    Each word awakens poetry, and when that MagicWord jumps up and more float up from inside me, I smile and feel awake and renewed.”

    Shaman, Healer, Sage

Discover your own magic.

Join the #7MagicWords Challenge.


All it takes is one magic word each day for you to illuminate your life, work, and story in a whole new way.

In the past, the #7MagicWords has been a free challenge. Starting in the Summer of 2018, you're asked to pay $17 (or more, because only you know what your wild, creative magic might be worth!) to participate in this project.

It's my hope you see this as an investment in your own magic and a commitment to your own creative process. 

And, this is my wildly honest magic emerging...

I am asking you to invest in me and my work too. #7MagicWords is a labor of love, but we're all doing ourselves a disservice if we assume that that love labor has to be unpaid labor.