Want to Bring More Magic Into Your Life, Work & Art?

Join us for next chapter of the #7MagicWords Project 

#7MagicWords has become a seasonal tradition for hundreds of people who crave more creativity, wonder, and connection in their lives.

MHN_7544.jpgIt's a free week-long challenge that invites you to uncover the magic & potential that lingers in your everyday language.

All it takes is one word each day, a word that you'll find with the help of a carefully crafted prompt by writing coach & story healer Marisa Goudy.

Everything begins on September 14 -
just in time to anchor yourself into an autumn
that's full of magic, creativity, and adventure.

  • “No words feel adequate to capture the impact of #7MagicWords but it's been three months and I'm STILL writing. I've missed it terribly and glad it's back. Thank you, Marisa!”

    The Unruly Woman

  • “I've been doing the Magic Words Challenges since Fall of 2017 and every time I'm reminded of the power words have. I love simply allowing the word to find me and the writing to flow with ease. Marisa is such a gifted writer and Magic Maker and having her as a guide for 7 days is such a gift! I'm a believer!"”

    The Shifting Perspectives Coach

  • “Marisa's #7MagicWords challenges give you a reason to slow down and spend time with your inner wisdom. It's pure bliss..”

    Founder & CEO of Harmonic Wholeness