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#7MagicWords has become a seasonal tradition for hundreds of people who crave more creativity, wonder, and connection in their lives.

MHN_7544.jpgIt's a free week-long challenge that invites you to uncover the magic & potential that lingers in your everyday language.

All it takes is one word each day, a word that you'll find with the help of a carefully crafted prompt by writing coach & story healer Marisa Goudy.

Everything begins on September 14 -
just in time to anchor yourself into an autumn
that's full of magic, creativity, and adventure.

 #7MagicWords is *free* and open to everyone who is ready to bring some more magic into their life and work.

Just sign up below to receive the week of prompts starting on September 14.

You're also invited to join us for the #7MagicWords Integration Call at noon ET on Friday, September 21. Please mark your calendars and sign up for the whole project now!

  • “No words feel adequate to capture the impact of #7MagicWords but it's been three months and I'm STILL writing. I've missed it terribly and glad it's back. Thank you, Marisa!”

    The Unruly Woman

  • “I've been doing the Magic Words Challenges since Fall of 2017 and every time I'm reminded of the power words have. I love simply allowing the word to find me and the writing to flow with ease. Marisa is such a gifted writer and Magic Maker and having her as a guide for 7 days is such a gift! I'm a believer!"”

    The Shifting Perspectives Coach

  • “Marisa's #7MagicWords challenges give you a reason to slow down and spend time with your inner wisdom. It's pure bliss..”

    Founder & CEO of Harmonic Wholeness