When did you lose track of your magic?

When did you stop believing that
you are here to create something
unique, beautiful & surprising? 

Your time belongs to so many people and projects.

Your dreams are tangled in so many plans that are not your own.

Your creativity gets put aside because there’s always “real stuff” to deal with.

In service to clients and pragmatic concerns, family love and domestic obligations, worldly matters and the brainless swirl of social media, you lose yourself.

You lose the hours, clarity, and energy you need to determine the shape your own life, your own work, your own art, your own passions.

Part of you is resigned to perpetually putting the practical first.

Nudge her off to the side for a moment. (Please.)


I want to talk to the part of you that is hungering for creativity, for sovereignty, for magic.

MHN_7243.jpgHi, I’m Marisa Goudy. I know myself to be a story healer, writing coach, word witch, magic maker, and priestess of sovereignty.

That last piece - sovereignty - is what really drives me… And it’s also been the toughest thing for me to claim.

For years, I looked at the world through lens of "not me" and "that's great for some people, but I couldn't possibly..." 

Somewhere between the limitless potential of youth and the responsibility of adulting, I'd lost my magic and my belief in my own power.

Instead of feeling grounded, successful, and ready for growth, I felt like a little girl who stole a seat at the grown-ups' table. It wasn't nearly as amazing as it looked from the outside. I didn't feel like I could make anything meaningful or enduring in the midst of all the noise. In fact, it often felt like no one even noticed I was there... And yet, they still expected me to pay my portion of the bill!

Now, my work is dedicated to helping women free their inner princess and crown themselves queen. I know I am here to help you uncover your sovereignty and see what it means to be the wise, benevolent, bodacious ruler of your own life.

So how did I get here? What had to happen so I could claim my own unique, independent essence and invite others to uncover their own?

To really find my creative sovereignty, it took focus and healing.

It also took a pinch of  magic and some carefully chosen words.

Magic Words Woman 2.jpg

Wait… Magic?

Yes, magic.

Stay with me here. (You left your perpetually practical self a few paragraphs up, remember?)

I may use the cauldron as one of my favorite metaphors and merrily dress in a black pointy hat each October, but when I talk about magic, I am not talking about turning anyone into a toad.

When I talk about magic, I am talking about the art of changing consciousness at will.

Magic isn't just about fairytales and unicorns (though we love unicorns).

Magic can be fiercely practical when you use it in service of your vision.

Magic changes you and magic changes the world.

And that is what we do with just seven words… 

7 days

7 magic words

7 invitations to unlock your sovereign story

 You’re invited to join us for the
#7MagicWords Challenge.

We Begin Together On December 14.

Be part of the free online project that
opens you up to the mystery,
inspires your sovereign creativity,
and changes the way you see yourself & your world.

#7MagicWords has become a seasonal tradition for hundreds of people who crave more creativity, wonder, and connection in their lives.

It’s for people who want to get free of the “Not Me” mindset that sets limits on what possible and pleasurable.

Each round of #7MagicWords focuses on a different theme. This time, we'll explore the known and the unknown so we can embrace the mystery that is the year to come!

We’ll also begin the work of demystifying your creativity because, really, this is about finding the elements of everyday creative magic.

All it takes is one word each day, a word that you'll find with the help carefully crafted prompts provided by me, story healer, writing coach, and word witch Marisa Goudy.

anete-lusina-382329-unsplash.jpgPlease mark your calendars:

- You receive your first prompt at 7 AM ET on Friday, December 14

- The emails will come each morning. Set aside a little time each day to dream into the prompt and ask your magic word to find you.

- At noon ET on December 21 we gather for a MagicWords Integration call. We'll write a little, chat a lot, and make space to capture the magic of the holidays while we set a fresh, magical vocabulary for the new year.

  • Marisa Goudy

    “No words feel adequate to capture the impact of #7MagicWords but it's been three months and I'm STILL writing. I've missed it terribly and glad it's back.”

    The Unruly Woman

  • Marisa Goudy

    “I've been doing the Magic Words Challenges since Fall of 2017 and every time I'm reminded of the power words have. I love simply allowing the word to find me and the writing to flow with ease. Marisa is such a gifted writer and Magic Maker and having her as a guide for 7 days is such a gift!”

    The Shifting Perspectives Coach

  • Marisa Goudy

    “Marisa's #7MagicWords challenges give you a reason to slow down and spend time with your inner wisdom. It's pure bliss.”

    Founder & CEO of Harmonic Wholeness